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What a great day we had! Our prayer stand received very little attention, but Kurtis and I combined for at least a couple hours of preaching, our young people handed out almost 1000 tracts and distributed 150 The Biggest Question DVDs.

Here I am showing my #UnpopularTheMovie hoodie. Hopefully people who didn’t stay to listen to preaching will still watch that movie online!

There was one significant story I wanted to share about a witnessing encounter. I met a dear couple, Casey and Alexa. They were unmarried and had traveled to the Arnold together. Somehow in the course of conversation I found out they were staying in a hotel together.

Each of them told me they were a Christian (Casey even had a scripture verse tattooed on his arm!). I was very tempted to say, “Praise the Lord, it’s great to meet a Christian brother and sister,” then insist they read the tract and watch a DVD. But something didn’t feel right.

I asked them if it was ok if I said something that sounded judgmental. They said sure, so I actually asked them if they were fornicating based on the fact they had a hotel room together. They admitted as much and didn’t seem phased by it.

So I explained as politely but firmly as I could that they were living in open rebellion to God, and that they didn’t sound like they had been converted. I pointed out that a person who had been redeemed by Christ ought to want to do things God’s way. They listened politely and neither repented outwardly nor defended themselves.

Alexandra and I enjoying Kurt’s preaching.

I told them I didn’t want them to just walk away and commit to waiting for marriage though. I told them what I wanted was for them to be sexually pure for the sake of their faith in Christ and His gospel!

I then reminded them of the gospel. This was a sweet moment as I know this couple goes to church and, in fact, they each have their entire lives. I am quite certain whatever church they go to isn’t challenging them to live a life a holiness. May they be delivered from whatever false gospel they are chained to!

We must praise the Lord because the day was mild as far as weather is concerned. It was dry and cold with very little wind. Cold enough to make you cold though! We had frozen toes by 4pm!

Finally, after a long, cold day, I took my team to Raising Canes which is unofficially our post (and sometimes pre) evangelism eating spot!

I hope that series of posts was helpful to you. Feel free to drop me a question or a comment below if you have one!

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